is a relatively young company but it can boast of a twenty year experience with his closest collaborators. In fact it is with the experience of his staff that “Tecnica” boasts of a knowhow in the management and accomplishment of plants keys on hand.

The company is constantly developing and thanks to the continuous extension of its technical structure and ability as an organizer it is increasingly more directed to the supplying with technological services in the automation field and in the management of different industrial sectors such as: the food – pharmaceutical – oil&gas, and the industrial sector in general.

Moreover our company is always devoted to the steady acquisition of new methodologies and instruments which allows the company to keep up pace with the development of industrial markets. Thanks to a sharp financial management and to the continuous reinvestment of the profits, the company has been able to build a strong base by accomplishing a structure of property made up of technical, administrative offices for the management and the execution of plans; besides this the company manages a workshop where the electrical panels are built and assembled. All this has been achieved without losing sight of the right balance between the technical solutions taken and the relative costs in order to be able to supply the company’s customers with a final product of quality at limited prices.

Therefore we think that the efforts made by the company for its consolidation have to be considered as a guarantee for the future permanence on the market.

A brief list of the work of our competence follows:

  • planning, execution of programs for PLC
  • interface operator of control systems
  • supervision and interaction with control systems 
  • acquisition, calculation, data storage
  • monitoring and management of alarm systems 
  • management of production lines